Job Name: RFP - WO# XN276288 - 22895 Caminito Oro - Casa De Laguna Association (HOA)- Total PRoperty Managemen
Provider Name: Job Number: 24-0747-REC1-P Job Status: Accounts Receivable
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Customer Information
Job Number 24-0747-REC1-P
Customer Name Casa De L***** *******tion (HOA)   Address CA, 92630
Main Phone 1949261****   Business Phone
Mobile #   Home Phone
Pager #   Fax
Date Inventoried 5/10/2024 3:46:00 PM   Into Production Date 4/18/2024 12:00:00 AM
Received Date 4/3/2024 7:58:03 AM   Start Date 4/18/2024 8:00:51 AM
Date of Loss 4/3/2024 12:00:00 AM   Date of Majority Completion 4/19/2024 4:00:30 PM
Date Contacted 4/3/2024 11:37:00 AM   Target Completion Date 4/19/2024 12:00:00 AM
Date Inspected 4/18/2024 8:00:00 AM   Date of COS 4/22/2024 1:19:00 PM
Date of Work Authorization 4/12/2024 7:43:50 AM   Date Invoiced 4/23/2024 1:46:00 PM
Date Estimate Sent 4/10/2024 11:36:24 AM   Date Paid
Date Estimate Approved 4/12/2024 8:38:00 AM   Closed Date
Job Details
Loss Type Water   Secondary Loss Type Other
Contact Person Swe**, **vid   Job Address CA, 92653
Business Phone   Mobile #
Fax   Home Phone
Job Category Commercial   Pager #
Special Instructions YB: 1977 - Preferred vendors: Enviro & Partners Plumbing - Has tested positive - HOA covers Insulation, drywall, paint, repairs back to builder grade original - Board meets 1st Wed of each month
Job Description Please inspect and provide a proposal for restoration at the above-referenced address as it is reported that the unit has been demoed for remediation and is ready for restoration. Please note that the Association covers complete build back. Thank you. H/O: David Swets TEL: (949) 297-3791 Pamala Swets:
Insurance Information   Primary Adjuster
Company Property Management   Primary Adjuster
Address   Address
Main Phone 11111111111   Main Phone
Business Phone   Business Phone
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Broker   Agent
Broker Company   Name
Address   Address
Main Phone   Main Phone
Business Phone   Business Phone
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Mobile #   Mobile #
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Independent Adjusting Firm   Independent Adjuster
Independent Adjusting Firm   Independent Adjuster
Address   Address
Main Phone   Main Phone
Business Phone   Business Phone
Fax   Fax
Mobile #   Mobile #
Email   Email
Property management company
Property management company Total Property Management (HOA Co)      
Address 23792 Rockfield Blvd Ste 100, Lake Forest, CA, 92630      
Main Phone 19492618282      
Business Phone      
Provider Name
Address 23192 Verdugo Drive, Suite D, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653
Business Phone 18558834778
Fax 19492163981
Document Categories Document Category Name: Enviro Testing Results
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24-0747-REC1-PRyan HaillieDate Inventoried has been entered for Job - 24-0747-REC1-P5/1/2024 11:51:52 AM
24-0747-REC1-PRyan Haillie Haillie Ryan Attachments 1:51 PM (0 minutes ago) to dcampellone Dear Casa De Laguna, I hope this email finds you well. Happy 1st of the month! Attached, you will find a statement detailing all open invoices for our community. Kindly review and confirm receipt of all invoices. If, for any reason, you have not received an invoice, please let me know, and I will promptly resend it. Additionally, could you please provide an update on the payment status of any past due invoices? Your timely response is greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly, and looking forward to your prompt reply.5/1/2024 11:51:43 AM
24-0747-REC1-PRyan HaillieDate Inventoried,Date Invoiced has been entered for Job - 24-0747-REC1-P4/23/2024 1:46:20 PM
24-0747-REC1-PRyan Haillieinvoice#28890 for $61254/23/2024 1:46:00 PM
24-0747-REC1-PDista SarahAdd COS/Survey data to Environmental Code section of job (Yes, No, No Response)4/23/2024 8:53:08 AM
24-0747-REC1-PCarranza AraceliDate of COS has been entered for Job - 24-0747-REC1-P4/22/2024 1:19:44 PM
24-0747-REC1-PCarranza Aracelicompleted4/22/2024 1:19:16 PM
24-0747-REC1-PCarranza AraceliDate Site Inspected has been entered for Job - 24-0747-REC1-P4/22/2024 1:18:54 PM
24-0747-REC1-PCarranza AraceliReady to invoice per LWV approved pricing - $6125.00 4/22/2024 1:14:15 PM
24-0747-REC1-PCarranza Aracelito Total Hello Total Property Management, Final Update WO# XN276288 - 22895 Caminito Oro repairs for the kitchen have been completed. COS has been signed and H/O was happy with our work. Photos attached. image.png Thank you, Araceli Carranza4/22/2024 1:10:22 PM