Job Name: Farmers - Michael Geffre - Geffre, Eileen
Provider Name: Job Number: 23-1466-WTR-A Job Status: Closed
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Job Number 23-1466-WTR-A
Customer Name Gef***, ***een   Address CA, 92677
  Email ei************@*****.com
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Date Inventoried 8/5/2023 7:33:00 AM   Into Production Date
Received Date 7/25/2023 8:23:54 AM   Start Date
Date of Loss   Date of Majority Completion
Date Contacted 7/25/2023 8:33:00 AM   Target Completion Date
Date Inspected 7/25/2023 3:25:24 PM   Date of COS
Date of Work Authorization   Date Invoiced
Date Estimate Sent   Date Paid
Date Estimate Approved   Closed Date 7/31/2023 12:25:38 PM
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Loss Type Water   Secondary Loss Type Poss. Slab Leak
Contact Person Gef***, ***een   Job Address CA, 92677
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Job Category Residential   Pager #
Special Instructions 1 dog on site (friendly)
Job Description INSPECT FOR MOISTURE MITIGATION INTAKE: H/O advised they purchase the home 6 months ago and have started to see that the hardwood floor in the kitchen is lifting up and bowing. They haven't seen any water on the floor or felt any warmth so they are unsure of the source and would like an inspection and possibly a plumbing referral based on what the inspection reveals. They have not filed a claim at this time. H/O: Eileen Geffre PH: 949-355-5552 EM:
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Company Farmers Insurance   Primary Adjuster
Address 2441 N Tustin Ave, Santa Ana, CA, 92705   Address
Main Phone 17145501100   Main Phone
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Broker Company Farmers-Michael Geffre (AGENCY)   Name Geffre, Michael
Address 32392 Coast Hwy Ste 260, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651   Address 32392 Coast Hwy Ste 260, Laguna Beach, CA, 92651
Main Phone 19494947261   Main Phone 19494947261
Business Phone 19494947261   Business Phone 19494947261
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Independent Adjusting Firm   Independent Adjuster
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Address 23192 Verdugo Drive, Suite D, Laguna Hills, CA, 92653
Business Phone 18558834778
Fax 19492163981
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23-1466-WTR-ARusch DeniseJob Task Completed: Denise, please close job as no EMS is needed. provided H/O/agent with a couple plumbing referrals. Thank you! (eh)7/31/2023 12:31:38 PM
23-1466-WTR-ARusch DeniseText to Eileen Good afternoon Eileen, it 's great news you were not having a water intrusion issue at your home. Even though Jose only provided an inspection and recommendations if you have a quick minute to write a review of his professionalism and through inspection I would appreciate it. My team works very hard and Christian recognizes employees with 5 Star Review in our monthly company meeting and Jose will never ask for himself so I always end up doing it :) - I would really appreciate it, Denise7/31/2023 12:31:24 PM
23-1466-WTR-ARusch DeniseDate Closed has been entered for Job - 23-1466-WTR-A7/31/2023 12:25:38 PM
23-1466-WTR-AHernandez EvelynDate Inventoried has been entered for Job - 23-1466-WTR-A7/31/2023 11:35:27 AM
23-1466-WTR-AHernandez Evelynpending job closure 7/31/2023 11:35:19 AM
23-1466-WTR-AHernandez Evelynn/a7/31/2023 11:34:22 AM
23-1466-WTR-AHernandez EvelynCALL: spoke with Eileen, she was very happy with Jose, his inspection & the assistance he provided & was happy to hear there was no water damage & states it looks like there was an issue when the flooring was installed by the previous H/O's 7/27/2023 2:27:20 PM
23-1466-WTR-AHernandez EvelynCALLED & TM: Good afternoon Eileen, This is Evelyn with ServiceFirst Restoration, just gave you a call regarding Jose's inspection but unfortunately got your voicemail. If you can please give me a call at your earliest convenience to discuss. My direct line is 949-334-8185 Thank you!7/27/2023 2:11:17 PM
23-1466-WTR-AHernandez EvelynEMAIL: update to agent - to Michael, Jaime Good afternoon, We were out to inspect your residence on 7/25/2023 Our technician inspected the kitchen, living room, dining room, hallway, hallway restroom, and kids bedroom. No moisture was detected. Also used the FLIR to detect any change in temperature but none was detected. The hardwood flooring is buckling or has been buckled. Checked the baseboards, drywall, kitchen toe kicks, and cabinets. No moisture detected on any of those materials. We recommend having a plumber come out and perform a leak detection. If you do not have a plumber you normally work with, we would be happy to provide you with a couple referrals Partners Plumbing (949) 583-9744 or Scott English Plumbing (714) 987-9801 Photos of the inspection are attached. As always, we thank you for the referral! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call. Thank you, Evelyn Hernandez --7/26/2023 12:36:00 PM
23-1466-WTR-AHernandez EvelynJOB TASK CREATED: Denise, please close job as no EMS is needed. provided H/O/agent with a couple plumbing referrals. Thank you! (eh)7/26/2023 11:57:59 AM